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Anne Halson
Autumn Beetroot salad | Fresh Kitchen Pomegranate Molasses Dressing, Quick Pickled Red Onions, New Zealand Food, Prawn Cocktail, Toast Sandwich, Winter Salad, How To Make Salad, Side Salad, Beetroot

Autumn Beetroot salad | Fresh Kitchen

I was inspired today by recent conversations with my Mum who has been eating lots of salads in her bubble. She spoke of having beetroot in her salad which took me back to childhood salads at my grand mothers which had iceberg lettuce, beetroot, egg, fresh herbs and more and of course with the essential condensed milk dressing served on the side. They were the sort of salads that I think of as the iconic New Zealand food of my youth. Like most things that were good “in the day”, they are…

Simple Parmesan Salsa Pecorino Cheese, Fresh Bread, Brunches, Ciabatta, My Recipes, Parmesan, Food Processor Recipes, Good Food

Simple Parmesan Salsa | Fresh Kitchen

Welcome to Fresh Kitchen 2020. something about that number sounds great doesn’t it – I love new beginnings and a new decade seems like a great chance to set some audacious intentions. At the very least I hope to continue to attempt to live my best life and aim to put a positive spin on everyday. I love it when there is time and energy for creating and eating good food, and even more so when I can be sharing it with family and friends old and new. This Salsa is the perfect way to start any…

Organic Chicken Bone Broth Miso Chicken, Chicken Bones, My Recipes, Real Food Recipes, Marinated Tofu, Organic Chicken, Bone Broth, Healthy Living, Soup

Organic Chicken Bone Broth | Fresh Kitchen

Bone broth – miracle cure all maybe – that would certainly be great. It definitely gets a lot of good press for its health benefits, and while some sources suggest these benefits may not be scientifically proven it is an old fashioned tonic made with affordable but good quality ingredients, and looking at the finished product can make you feel closer to being a domestic goddess. In everyday cooking it both tastes great and works really well as a flavour boost for quick and nutritious soups…

Mimosa Sauce and Spring Asparagus Easy Meals For One, Best Butter, Organic Eggs, Hollandaise Sauce, Fresh Asparagus, Fresh Bread, Boiled Eggs, My Recipes

Mimosa Sauce and Spring Asparagus | Fresh Kitchen

We are enjoying the beginning of the asparagus season here in my world – delicious, crisp, young spears to let us know that spring is really here. I have been celebrating its arrival with an old world sauce that is new to my repetoire, but one that I am sure will become an old favourite. At the start of the season I like to savour my first bunches of asparagus, serving them simply, lightly steamed or blanched with some good butter, salt and pepper and relishing the taste of each slightly…

Miso Mustard Dressing and Black Bean Noodle Salad Healthy Salad Recipes, My Recipes, Cooking Recipes, Vegan Recipes, Black Bean Noodles, Recipe Form, Healthy Vegan Breakfast, Home Meals, Easy Meal Plans

Miso Mustard Dressing and Black Bean Noodle Salad | Fresh Kitchen

Todays recipe forms the base for a simple weeknight meal for one, or a crowd, but can also be a delicious salad in its own right. Miso meets mustard and comes together in this surprising and delicious dressing/sauce. Miso it seems is a very versatile ingredient which can be used in surprising and different ways apart from all the wonderful Japanese recipes we know and love. With its strong umami flavour, its fermented gut health qualities and its very long shelf life, it is a great addition…

Slow Cooked Lamb Shoulder Salads To Go, Slow Cooked Lamb, Lamb Shoulder, Orange Salad, Coriander Seeds, Lamb Recipes, Entrees, Slow Cooker, Stuffed Peppers

Slow Cooked Lamb Shoulder | Fresh Kitchen

Comfort food – but still contemporary – this lamb shoulder is full of zesty intricate flavours that give balance and interest and will make you want to eat it again and again. Inspired by a photo, but less inspired by the recipe that went with it, I created my own recipe to fit the image, and my lamb shoulder turned into a meal that was everything I hoped for and more. It has fed two of us for two dinners and one lunch, so there is definitely enough for four to six people and it was…

Easy Cheese Pastry Pastry Recipes, My Recipes, Snack Recipes, Cheese Pastry, Mini Muffin Pan, Easy Cheese, Brunches, Summer Fruit, Easy Snacks

Easy Cheese Pastry | Fresh Kitchen

I have been wanting to share this cheese pastry recipe for some time, it is a family favourite and a great party recipe to have up your sleeve – even if it is a bubble party for two. Brilliant at any time it is also great for times like these when we are looking to stay home and use store cupboard items and foods that are already in our refrigerator. This is a practical and delicious way to use up left over pieces of hard cheese lurking in the refrigerator, allowing us to do the right thing…

Zucchini/Courgette and Goats Cheese Butter Happy Cook, Fresh Basil Leaves, Goat Cheese, My Recipes, Zucchini, Goats, Smoothies, Side Dishes, Butter

Zucchini/Courgette and Goats Cheese Butter | Fresh Kitchen

Zucchini – courgette whatever the name they are definitely a part of summers bounty, in the stores they are plentiful and affordable and if you have a garden chances are you have a constant supply of them. This is one of my favourite ways of using them, it hits all those exciting flavour notes with chilli, garlic, lemon and basil. It is great on croutons for a party or a snack, spread on flat breads with a bit of salad on top, or spread on your wrap as well as or instead of hummus or…

Cafe Style Scrambled Tofu Breakfast Healthy Cafe, Tofu Breakfast, Dairy Free Breakfasts, Tofu Scramble, Egg Dish, Cafe Style, Recipes From Heaven, Along The Way, My Recipes

Cafe Style Scrambled Tofu Breakfast | Fresh Kitchen

Today I feel like I am trying to channel my inner Yotam Ottolenghi – my flavour, food styling, all round food hero! I am collaborating with a friend on a project which involves a gluten free dairy free breakfast. I have added my own challenge to this by deciding it was time to make friends again with tofu and hopefully make some new converts along the way. I have definitely spent the week pondering my breakfast, wanting it to be something I would want to eat – and eat again – and be good…

Carrot Top Pesto How To Make Pesto, Carrot Top, Baby Carrots, Salsa Verde, Fresh Green, Palak Paneer, My Recipes, Spinach, Tasty

Carrot Top Pesto | Fresh Kitchen

Todays pesto combines the mild flavoured, fresh green goodness of carrot tops, with some punchy flavoured Peccorino cheese, garlic, chilli, lemon juice, olive oil and toasted cashew nuts. Carrot top pesto was not my intention for the blog today, but having bought the lovely baby carrots to go in a salad it was immediately apparent that the tops were almost more vibrant than the carrots. This reminded me of my frustration in seeing people throwing carrot tops like these in the rubbish bin and…

My Chunky Ravigote Sauce Sauce Recipes, My Recipes, Green Lipped Mussel, Fresh Asparagus, Egg Salad, Fritters, Fresh Herbs, Palak Paneer, Feta

My Chunky Ravigote Sauce | Fresh Kitchen

I am ready for spring eating and entertaining with this super simple little sauce in the refrigerator now. The 1st of September marks the first day of spring for us so we aren’t quite there yet, but having had a mild winter it is not far off. I have read this sauce / salsa described as “wake up sauce”, which is the perfect description of this sassy little salsa. Just what is needed to perk up last weeks “fish-in-chips” or a butter basted piece of fresh fish, steak or schnitzel or jazz up a…

Zucchini Slice – With Options Zucchini Slice, Chorizo Sausage, Baking Tins, Base Foods, Fresh Herbs, Cherry Tomatoes, My Recipes, Family Meals, Feta

Zucchini Slice – With Options | Fresh Kitchen

This simple slice has been a part of New Zealand and Australia’s family food culture for a very long time, it is certainly something I remember my Mum making. It can be as plain or as complicated as you like but starts with a base recipe that is delicious enough all on its own – just look at the list of optional ingredients in the recipe though and you will see how easy it is to make this recipe your own. During a visit last year my eighty year old Mum and her ninety year old sister…

Pate and Pinot Chicken Liver Pate, Chicken Livers, Wine Recipes, My Recipes, Chicken Recipes, Clarified Butter, Fresh Cream, Good Fats, Yum Yum Chicken

Pate and Pinot | Fresh Kitchen

This may be a detour from the eat – healthy’ish’ – seasonal – mostly vegetable options I mostly aim for on the blog, but this is unapologetically about good times and celebration food. Today I am giving you an old and trusted recipe for Chicken Liver Pate, this recipe, slightly abridged, was originally given to me by one of the first people I met in Queenstown, the lovely Libby Lohmann – to this day one of the most socially accomplished people I know. One of the best reasons to make this…

Polenta Healthy Dinner Options, Easy Healthy Dinners, Easy Meals For One, Stuffed Mushrooms, Stuffed Peppers, Roast Pumpkin, Feeding A Crowd, Spice Mixes

Polenta | Fresh Kitchen

Such a simple cupboard staple with so many variations. A block of cooled polenta is great fridge food for busy lives, the polenta can be made in minutes and refrigerated ready to snap to action. Best of all it goes with almost anything and makes it better. Most of these photos have been taken over the summer but as we transition to winter I am looking forward to teaming it with the likes of – buttery mushrooms with loads of garlic and parsley or roast pumpkin, maybe some chorizo, spinach…

White Chocolate Fruit Muffins for a Picnic Muffin Recipes, Quick Recipes, My Recipes, Flavored Olive Oil, Muffin Mix, How To Double A Recipe, Cooking Time, White Chocolate, Muffins

White Chocolate Fruit Muffins for a Picnic | Fresh Kitchen

Over the last couple of years I have spent a lot of time and energy coming up with aspirational recipes to share, recipes to channel my best self and to give ideas to maybe help you to do the same. I love this and still want to continue this journey trying to live and cook for my best life. Moving on and a couple of weeks ago my son George sent a message from the other side of the world requesting a recipe for my muffins – I sent a quick recipe off the top of my head -forgot the sugar –…

Salmon Gravlax and Te Amo Wines Pinot Gris Pinot Noir Wine, Pinot Gris, Wine Recipes, My Recipes, Birthday Lunch, Beetroot, Wines, Salmon, Easy Meals

Salmon Gravlax and Te Amo Wines Pinot Gris | Fresh Kitchen

This weekend I shared a day with my friend Ruth from Te Amo wines, matching food with her beautiful Pinot Gris and Pinot Noir wines. It was also Ruths birthday and I was lucky to also be able to share food and wine with her amazing friends and family. The story of Ruth and her wine is all about the special relationship with family, friends, food and wine, and all of this was embodied in the spirit of the day I spent with her. See the bottle in the picture above and her story is there – the…