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Annette Barns
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Hope this picture helps all of you for basic microbiology... #microbiology…

The simplest life-forms on Earth have just one cell. An example of a one-celled life-form is a bacterium. These species of bacteria all cause diseases in humans. But many bacteria are not harmful, or even helpful.

Mini lesson for writing with a good hook

I hate the questioning format for a hook, but I can redesign this handout for my students, because I like the use a hook or walk the plank idea. I think I would use these 3 ways though: big idea, outside quotation, or metaphor

Use a plastic tub as the base for a pirate ship centerpiece--back drop for pictures?

When I told my students that I planned to work on a pirate theme next, they immediately started screaming with excitement! They LOVED the thought of having a pirate classroom! With the popularity…

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