Guava Breakfast Cake

Guava Breakfast Cake Ingredients 2 c. all purpose flour 1 tsp baking powder 1 tsp cinnamon 1 c. butter, softened 1 c.

Moist Feijoa Loaf. Yummy and I have a big bowl of Feijoas to use.

Moist Feijoa Loaf

Foodlovers recipe to make a moist feijoa loaf that you will love.

This Apple and Feijoa Crumble has to be one of the best I have ever made, it is delicious served with Cream....Lynette

Apple and Feijoa Crumble

As the third part of my series on oats, here's a fantastic crumble recipe from Jason Shon Bennett which not only tastes amazing, it's made with clean, high-quality ingredients.

Feijoa Muffins | Recipes For Food Lovers Including Cooking Tips At

Feijoa Muffins

They made 19 muffins, although they did stick to the cases, however once they had cooled dow they peeled off perfectly!

Feijoa & Lemon Cordial                                             collect the zest from 12 large feijoa (wash them well first), added the zest of half a lemon, placed everything in a pot with 500 ml of water and 100 g of sugar. Boiled the lot for 5 minutes (to dissolve the sugar), then covered with a lid and let it rest overnight. In the morning I strained the 'syrup' and bottled it.

Feijo and lemon zest cordial : collect & wash 12 large feijoa, zest. Add zest of lemon. Put in pot with water & sugar. Boil 5 mins to dissolve sugar then cover & rest overnight.

Feijoa and honey loaf Recipe | Allyson Gofton Super yummy. Works as muffins too. Bake for 15-20mins

Feijoa and honey loaf Allyson Gofton - Will cook on lower temperature next time.

Feijoa ice blocks recipe, Bite – Make use of abundant feijoa by creating these fresh and tasty ice blocks for the kids. –

Feijoa ice blocks recipe, Bite – Make use of abundant feijoa by creating these fresh and tasty ice blocks for the kids. –

Feijoa and Mint Ice Cream - Nadia Lim Recipe NZ specialty

Here’s an easy delicious way to use up all those feijoas…. All you need is a food processor – no fancy ice-cream machine needed.

If you’ve found yourself with a glut of feijoas, you’ll want to bake a few batches of these gently spiced feijoa muffins. They’re delicious with a cup of tea, and if you bake them for friends and family, they’ll welcome the change from shopping bags of windfall.

Basic muffin recipe recipe - By Woman& Day, This is our go-to basic muffin recipe that works every time! Add whatever ingredients you like to mix up the flavour combinations. These baked treats are perfect for a morning or afternoon tea snack.

Feijoa Cordial

You really can have your feijoas and eat them too. This feijoa cordial uses the feijoa skins which means you can still enjoy eating the fruit.

Lemon Iced Feijoa Cake

You can add any other fruit to this recipe in exchange for feijoas if they are out of season. This recipe was sent in to us by Recipe Club member, Sophie Forsyth.

Forget needing any added sugars to this pineapple guava bread! Blender ready bread loaf sweetened with Feijoa, or pineapple guava!

Cooking beets is super simple! Roasted beets are hearty, sweet & serve well on salads or as beet fries. Peel and slice into inch slices then roast beets