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Instant Feijoa Ice Cream - Nadia Lim

Here’s an easy delicious way to use up all those feijoas…. feijoa ice cream!

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Feijoa Loaf: with banana and syrup, perfect for tea time |

Australian cafe's love to have banana bread on their menus but they don't have the benefit of fresh feijoas!! This is a Kiwi special take.................and with coconut flour hits the Gluten Free mark too. Mother's Day is on the way and here is a deliciously easy and scrummy way to start the day! The kids are in the kitchen and they can whip you up an awesome and somewhat healthy treat for 'breakfast in bed'.

Four (or is it Five?) Fantastic Feijoa Recipes!

Well the feijoas are falling from the trees thick and fast. While we have a tree, as does my mother - and usually this is enough to keep us...

Feijoa jam with a twist - Annabel Langbein – Recipes

Hundreds of quick and easy recipes created by Annabel and her online community.

Feijoa Lumberjack Cake

A lovely change from the usual date cake, feijoas add a lift of flavour. Serve for afternoon tea or dessert with a dollop of Greek yoghurt or cream.

jams, jellies & preserves – FEIJOA FEIJOA

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Two great feijoa recipes: Feijoa chutney and feijoa loaf

Kristina has seen the light when it comes to the magic flavour of her favourite fruit. Words: Kristina Jensen If you were watching me eat feijoas right at this minute, the thought would not even cross your mind that I may be a person who has had a life Before Feijoas and a life After Feijoas. It would appear obvious that I am someone who has always adored these unassuming egg-shaped fruit with their perfect balance of sweet and sour. I eagerly await the inevitable annual feijoa glut and…

Feijoa and Apple Shortcake Slice

One of the recipes I used to make frequently before I became more health focussed was Dutch Apple Cake. It was full of white sugar, white flour and pretty much no nourishment. The other delicious fruit inspired treat I used to love, was my Grandmothers Apple Shortcake. Again, it was made with plenty of love, but not gr

Bottled Feijoas

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35 minutes

A step by step tutorial to teach you how to bottle feijoas - the best way to preserve them so that you can enjoy them all year round!

Feijoa poppyseed muffins

I have about five feijoa trees in my front driveway. In March, I harvest about a bag of feijoas every couple of days. You can freeze them and use them in this recipe later in the year. I can’…

Feijoa & Cream Cheese Muffins

Here's another delicious baking recipe with feijoa, leaving skin-on too! Delicious and tangy these Feijoa & Cream Cheese muffins tick all the boxes for feijoa lovers. Check out this recipe and more.