Tane Contemporary Korowai

He korowai tenei hei tawharau I te tangata I oti ai I te matauranga.

Kākahu (cloak weaving). Te Puia (Weaving School), Māori Arts and Crafts Institute. Rotorura, New Zealand

Te Puia (Weaving School), Māori Arts and Crafts Institute. Rotorura, New Zealand

In most cases the Maori shows the true Polynesian hair, black and waved, not the lank straight hair of the American Indian. The frizzled hair sometimes seen is due to the Melanesian admixture. The Maori did not bleach his hair to a reddish hue by the use of lime as did the natives of some northern groups. Baldness was uncommon and excited derision. Men usually extracted hair on the face, as it obscured the close-set lines of tattoo.

Tā moko is the art of facial and body tattooing among the Māori of New Zealand, Portrait of Ngairo Rakai Hikuroa, 1873 byGottfried Lindauer

Beautiful people, everywhere. Just people, just beautiful.

Fascinantes Fotografías De Las Tribus Más Remotas Del Mundo. Antes De Que Desaparezcan

Maori Portraits, New Zealand. Photographer Jimmy Nelson has set out to capture pictures of as many of these groups as he could manage to meet over a two-year period in his “Before They Pass Away” photo compilation.

Michelle Mayn: Making a Piupiu

Steps in making a Piupiu Photo: Michelle Mayn A piupiu is a skirt made from the leaves of the New Zealand flax, worn by Māori on ce.

Maori performing Haka in San Franscisco | Flickr - Photo Sharing!

The New Zealand national rugby team, the All Blacks, perform the Haka before a game.