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This wimple can be made with a single skein of Blue Heron Silk/Merino yarn, making it snuggly and pretty at the same time.


Kaiyo is a combination cowl and poncho. The final result is a pretty cowl that can be worn up on the neck like a cowl or, as pictured, draped over the shoulders more similar to a poncho.

Bottled apricots – Recipes – Bite

A jar will accommodate about seven medium apricots. Other fruit can be preserved in a similar way. Vegetables should not be preserved this way, but it can be used for chutneys and pickles.

Zig Zag Lace stitch pattern   |   Video tutorial and detailed written Instructions

The zig zag lace stitch is an 8 row repeat and is knitted in a multiple of 6 stitches. Techniques used in this stitch: Slip slip knit: Ssk and Slip slip purl through back loop: Ssp


Beaded lace and seed stitch combine beautifully in this hooded shawlette, which starts by casting on at the bottom edge and