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This beautifully designed beachfront property by Studio John Irving is the ultimate summer spot on Waiheke Island.

Evan Mayo of Architecture Bureau discusses making way for the new while still retaining enchanting elements of this once classic-Kiwi holiday home.

Amazing and Inspiring outdoor play spaces and tips that are perfect for natural living and learning. Perfect backyard play! Waldorf, Reggio, Montessori +

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aa Miniature Garden, with Blue Hoops over the path, Wisley Flower Show 8 9 11. Wisley Flower Show 8 9 11 IMG_5047

Secret fort framework for under tree hiding spot. Hula hoops in the garden to a secret fort or to weave through an overgrown area (have edible plants along the way for a sustainable snack for their adventure!

a flower pot from old cans.....I'm   thinking birdhouses too !

This would be a cute kids planter idea! Marigolds and Johnny Jump Ups for a kid friendly edible garden. Or even a planter for the chicken yard with wheat grass and Marigolds! I better start saving those cans!

Learning and Exploring Through Play: DIY Mud Kitchen.

I like this because it's playhouse-style and has a kitchen sink. It would be fun to have water plumbed to the sink for mixing mud pies and cakes.