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Draco Malfoy <3

Primrose Grey Shacklebolt is a fourth year Slytherin.The first time she speaks to Draco Malfoy, a Prince of Slytherin, is on the Hogwarts express. Where will this encounter lead? Will darkness pull them part or time push them together? (story in progress)

12 Coolest Family Photo Ideas This incredible family photo shoot (which shows a family painting a canvas while running and laughing in an open field) really captures their energy and spirit.

the paint aftermath of a cool idea for a family photo shoot. This would be a really fun way to do a family photoshoot. and afterwards you'd have a piece of art for your home that your family created

harry potter!

I disagree with Because of the horcruxes, Voldemort was never dead. He only used the potion to give himself a proper body again. Like Dumbledore says, no spell or potion can bring back the dead.<< But these are all facts