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Gorgeous, Ethereally Deconstructed Portraits by Henrietta Harris

henrietta harris hold still exhibit - The paintings in the Henrietta Harris ‘Hold Still’ Exhibit are beautifully warped. The collection was created by New Zealand artist Hen.

New Zealand illustrator Henrietta Harris is a skilled watercolor artist. This series of portraits expresses everyday sensory interference by way of delicate pastel brushstrokes and distorted imagery. The energetic waves moving through Henrietta's subjects are not being resisted or feared.

Henrietta Harris Left: order Right: disorder order comes to mind on the left side of the portrait whereas the right side is very unique as some of the features on the face is distorted and coming out of his face.

Black and White Haze by Dasha Pliska. Some artists make what takes me so much, look so effortless.

creative portrait sketch angle: "Haze" by Dasha Pliska, from Odessa, Ukraine, via Behance 3696129