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The Order of Makeup Application

How we apply makeup and in which order strangely interests me. You see, when I didn't really have a clue about makeup I use to slap whatever product I fancied on my face but in recent years I've found // Beauty, Make up Ideas & Tips

What different oils will do for your skin.

Frustrated With Your Oily Skin? Natural Oils Can Help! Clear Skin Minerals Believe it or not but certain natural oils may be t.

Moonlight field

The Moon's Beauty Fairy Tribe can sometimes be seen under the moon, creating little balls of light. Sometimes they appear to be human, with white hair.

'The Guardian' @ Kim Kincaid Art

"The Marsh Kings Daughter" Art by Kimberly Kincaid - From The Hans Christian Andersen Fairytale Collection - Denmark

Mehndi Moon

Mehndi Moon - I love the shape, colors, and the dangly things in this one. I also love the design within the moon. The "mandala" part of it is gorgeous. Feather painting on Etsy, £25.00

Original feather painting with details of henna patterns within the design. Beautiful colours blend together capturing a dream like quality.