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"Always gift, never keep for ones self." Bought a lot of greenstone but gifted them all to loved ones. Only kept the ones from auntie Kelly and the toki from Koro.

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Jade Maori Fish Hook

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Jade Maori Fish Hook

Two Piece Koru Heart Set

Jade - Mixed Styles

These jade carvings are a mixture traditional decorative styles along with some more contemporary designs. Many are based on Maori legend while some are modern designs inspired by ancient Maori styles with flowing lines, scrolls and soft forms. Some of these pendants are also based on Celtic or oriental designs. In thi

Triangle Surface Koru Shane MacIntosh Greenstone Pounamu Jade Maori Necklace Pendant Aotearoa New Zealand #newzealand #aotearoa #maori

Pounamu Unikat Koru #Schmuck Anhänger aus Blumen #Jade


Jade - Geboren aus den Kräften des inneren Erdfeuers. Original Maori Pounamu Schmuck aus dem fernen Neuseeland kaufen Sie hier im Fundinsel Shop.

WPSC009 NZ Maori Closed Paua Koru Necklace...I've got to get this to replace the one I lost