Kiristina Cairns

Kiristina Cairns

Kiristina Cairns
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"I have all my faith in you baby, love you RJ"

I want to take your misery. replace it with happiness. but i need your faith in me.

Drake Quotes, “Pain makes you stronger. Fear makes you braver. Heartbreak makes you wiser.”

Drake Quotes: Drake is an incredible rapper and an inspiring producer… Here are 52 of Drake’s love quotes and life quotes

Just Tupac

"Love knows no boundaries or ego. most tend to warp this all important frequency .with diluted, false, or warped perceptions. Just know that when you choose LOVE in its purest sense.

Vanessa Hudgens quote <3

Why copy someone just to fit in when you can be you and be accepted for who you really are? Imma be me all day, everyday. I LOVE ME!