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Erwin Rommel and the Afrika Korp

Erwin Rommel and the Afrika Korp This art from the game Men of War

Military Art, Military History, Modern Warfare, World War, Ww2, Battle Field, Cannon, Food, Red Army, Military Pictures, German Army, Tanks, Germany, Essen, Meals, Warriors, Eten

Rommel, Military Art, Diorama, Crazy Horse, Armored Vehicles, North Africa, Box Art, Ww2, Soldiers, Deserts, World War Ii, Cool Pictures, World War, Dioramas

"Heia Safari - The Aftikakorps" by Nicolas Trudgian Elements of the Panzer Division, Army Group 'Afrika', counter-attack Allied forces in Northern Tunisia, early spring Overhead, air support is provided by the of and the formidable fighters of

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