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A good use magic master

ArtStation - Superb martial arts of the Ninja, Carter adair

Good picture

A nice piece and example depicting the current character style of the MMORPGS

16939287_766046886898160_3762215468842915992_n.jpg (768×960)

Oohh I would like something like this but with Sarah from the labyrinth and one of the masquerade masks over her face in the same manner

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ArtStation - Superb martial arts of the Ninja, Xiaojian liu- Anti Shogun Dominion Col concept

Hip Hop|SWAG|Adidas

Genre- As there genre is hip hop the convention for this video would have people dancing to the beat everywhere.

beautiful chinese warrior Hao Jiji (via LargerLoves.tumblr 25476949235)

love woman samurai warrior picture-women and wives of Samurai warriors were trained in fighting techniques to protect their families