Rebecca Hill
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I love this rope-balancing at 'Discovery Early Learning Center' (",)

A rope suspended between two trees is a great opportunity to explore the body, strengthen core muscles, work in cooperation with peers toward a common goal

We should add a cute seat like this to the rope on the maple

Love the natural form on this Wooden Tree Swing with Natural Jute Rope - made from oak or maple, and cut at least 3 thick with an average 12 diameter

An exciting looking setup. I wonder if the tree grew in the play space before it fell/was cut down. If so, a neat process for the children to now be able to engage with it on a horizontal plane.

What is the Nature Play Earth Path? The Nature Play Earth Path is a vision for how to keep kids healthy, connected to nature, and learning all at the same time. It is a ¼ mile trail that runs along the outer edge of the main… Read