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#owl #spoons SUPER cute. i pretty much love anything with a owl on them..and spoons.. I love spoons

WHOO else loves these spoons. Love owls so I am going to paint these. wooden spoon owls Lyons Lyons Schroeder this made me think of you. I think we should also have a spring craft party that involves booze ;

amy friend - pin pricked photos

amy friend - pin pricked photos Oh my! Fairy dust, fireflies, and maybe just a little bit of magic. There is something almost celestial about this lovely found image series, titled Daré alla Lucé by Canadian artist/photographer Amy Friend.

Nathalie du Pasquier’s Art by suzette

French artist and designer Nathalie du Pasquier produces still life paintings of domestic objects and minimal wooden constructs whose color and geometry feel very post-modernistic.