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In-depth descriptions for all 13 CELTIC ZODIAC SIGNS. Learn all about your Celtic Animal Zodiac meanings, personality & traits. Celtic Astrology, too! Celtic Animals, Book Of Shadows, Numerology, Magick, Wicca Witchcraft, Spirituality, Sagittarius, Capricorn Tattoo, Pisces Horoscope

The Celtic Animal Zodiac. The Celts honored the rhythms of Nature, and observed different flavors of their environment according to the season. Like our Native American kin, the full moon in each...

wicca-vuno-blessed-be: “ Moon Glyphs are magick symbols used for connecting with nature and Esbat magick. They are used by drawing the symbols in black ink on your skin. Hippie Tattoos, Indian Tattoos, Moon Glyphs, Moon Symbols, Glyphs Symbols, Ancient Symbols, Celtic Symbols, Egyptian Symbols, Symbols With Meaning

Moon symbols. I would love to use these as 'runes' for my next elven character to use to tell the future! <3

mandala Trees in Celtic Mythology: Trees were hugely significant to the ancient Celts. They believed different kinds of trees served different mystical purposes that helped them through their lives. Celtic Tree, Irish Celtic, Celtic Dragon, Celtic Symbols, Druid Symbols, Ancient Symbols, Mayan Symbols, Egyptian Symbols, Irish Symbols

Ireland Calling Art

Beautiful Ogham calendar print showing the 13 months of the year named after the Ogham trees, symbols of ancient Ireland.

Draconic is the language of dragons. It uses its own distinct alphabet. Other native speakers include members of draconic and reptilian races, such as kobolds and wyverns. The language is also used as a primary means of arcane notation throughout Toril. Alphabet Code, Alphabet Symbols, Nordic Alphabet, Tattoo Alphabet, Glyphs Symbols, Cool Symbols, Alphabet Books, Different Alphabets, Ancient Symbols

Ive never actually seen this used as a wiccan alphabet. as it origionally stated. But it is cool and I like using different alphabets in spells

Herbarium: Magical and Medicinal Uses of Oak Healing Spells, Healing Herbs, Medicinal Plants, Magic Herbs, Herbal Magic, Wicca Witchcraft, Magick, Witchcraft History, Witch Herbs

Herbarium: Magical and Medicinal Uses of Oak

Folk Names: Duir, Jove's Nuts, White Oak Gender: Masculine Planet: Sun Element: Fire Powers: Fertility, Healing, Health, Luck, Money, Protection Magical Uses and History: Oak lore fills most pagan traditions, including Greek and Roman traditions, and dates back centuries. Due to its versatile nature Indo-Europeans used the oak for shelter, warmth, and even as an early food source. Later they incorporated the oak into their religious practices, using it as a symbol of fertility, health, luck…