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La Estrella de Mar Sensual

Awesome design, very simple but one of my favorties. Everything is very similar in color, excelent blening of the branch & pencil, looks very realisstic and still has strong character!

books, fly, owl, flying, libros

Netherlands-based artist Redmer Hoekstra draws fascinating composite illustrations that merge animals and everyday objects or machines - from a lizard with computer keyboard scales to this one, an owl with an opened book for wings.

Mini people

The Polish artist Dawid Planeta has decided to fight his depression by exteriorizing it, unveiling beautiful illustrations. The artist stages his own fears and

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Going safely well beyond the real photographer Sarolta Bán, presents these surreal images that are the result of imaginative photo manipulation. I’d happily live in that camera house in these images, through not so much in the world they show.