Cinnamon Swirl Salt Water Taffy - 5lb from

Cinnamon Swirl Salt Water Taffy - 5lb

If you have never tried cinnamon salt water taffy then you don't know what you are missing out on. The flavor of these is perfect.

Cherry Blow Pops - 48ct from

Cherry Blow Pops - 48ct

Cherry Blow Pops are super sweet and a popular treat for candy lovers of all ages! This exciting snack is actually two confections in one.

Snickers Bars - 48ct from

Snickers Bars - 48ct

Full-size Snickers bars will light up practically anyone's eyes!

Wrigley Extra Bubble Gum - 10ct from

Wrigley Extra Bubble Gum - 10ct

Extra Classic Bubble Sugarfree Gum - A bubble flavor that takes you back to childhood. fewer calories than sugared gum.

Dubble Bubble Bar - 24ct from

Dubble Bubble Bar - 24ct

We're talking about our Dubble Bubble Bar which is one big stick of chewy, sweet and long-lasting bubblegum. If you're a baseball fan, then chew on some of these Dubble Bubble Bars during a game.

Pop Rocks Bubble Gum - 24ct from

Pop Rocks Bubble Gum - 24ct

Experience the explosion! Bubble Gum flavored Pop Rocks are a delicious sugar based candy with a unique twist.

Bubblegum Jelly Belly - 10lb from

Bubblegum Jelly Belly - 10lb

Jelly Belly bubblegum jelly beans combine two of the world's most popular confections into one amazing treat! If you love the sweet taste of classic bubblegum.

Milk Duds Packs - 24ct from

Milk Duds Packs - 24ct

Quite possibly one of the best candies ever made by The Hershey Company, Milk Duds is the perfect snack for any occasion. These are the same scrumptious treats you used to stand in long lines for at the movie theater.

Butterscotch Buttons Candy - 5lb from

Butterscotch Buttons Candy - 6lb

Maybe that's because these Butterscotch Candy Buttons come in beautiful, individually wrapped gold wrappers and are a lovely bright yellow color that candy fans love.

Lifesavers Wild Cherry - 20ct from

Lifesavers Wild Cherry - 20ct

Wild cherry Lifesavers is a quick and easy snack that everyone can enjoy! Each hard candy piece is filled with sweet cherry flavor.

Life Savers Candy - 20ct from

Life Savers Candy - 20ct

Life Savers Candy - 20ct from

Spearmint Salt Water Taffy - 5lb from

Spearmint Salt Water Taffy - 5lb

Have you ever been to taffy town? That is a wonderful place you go whenever you get to enjoy a piece of refreshing Spearmint Salt Water Taffy that refreshes.

Spearmint Candy Sticks - 80ct from

Spearmint Candy Sticks - 80ct

Green Spearmint Old Fashioned Hard Candy Sticks: 80 Count Box (Individually Wrapped, Bulk) by Gilliam -- Awesome products selected by Anna Churchill

Hershey's Milk Chocolate w/ Almonds Bars - 36ct from

Hershey's Milk Chocolate w/ Almonds Bars - 36ct

Well these Hershey's Milk Chocolate with Almonds Bars are just the ticket to satisfy your advanced palate.

Altoids Spearmint - 12ct from

Altoids Spearmint - 12ct

Treat your taste buds to the cool, refreshing taste of Altoids spearmint candy! Every piece is like a flavor adventure that will invigorate the senses and tantalize the tongue.

Altoids Wintergreen - 12ct from

Altoids Wintergreen - 12ct

Take your taste buds on an Alpine excursion with the curiously strong taste of Altoids wintergreen mints! Reminisce about ski vacations.