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Sun Tides – Wave Photography

Photographer David Orias of Santa Barbara, California photographs waves with a slow shutter speed

Dramatic and beautiful. But way expensive. Anyone have ideas on how to duplicate this?

Giant antique clocks are all you need in a small space. It draws so much attention to the wall and opens up the space. I love this clock, anyone know where I can get one?

When life gives you lemons...

Next year's Halloween costume.and when i hand ppl lemons im gonna be like make some lemonade cuz life just handed u a lemon?

Tazz's big wipeout!

what is freelancing

Best ad placement ever!! Via Puck Daddy

The website Boost Creative put this ad on the visitors' bench in the Everglades' hockey arena. This is creative and effective because the ad is not only exposed to everyone in the stadium, but also to TV audience when it is shown on tv.