Chocolate Feijoa Cake + more Feijoa recipes here

It is officially Feijoa season ! We will be making this stunning Chocolate & Feijoa cake soon - YUM!

This recipe has layers of delicious sweet pastry, feijoas, custard and crumble that combine to make an irresistible slice

Feijoa crumble recipe - layers of delicious sweet pastry, feijoas, custard and crumble -combine to make an irresistible slice, perfect for an afternoon treat with a cup of tea

A good crumble is a classic that everyone enjoys, especially when evenings are getting crisper, and comforting, warm desserts take over from lighter options. When the season is in full-swing, the addition of feijoa enlivens any good apple crumble.

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Feijoa Anzac Cookie

An Anzac cookie replacing golden syrup with a homemade feijoa syrup. It ends up as a slice rather than a biscuit, but a simple charm all the same.

Feijoa and Coconut Cake

Feijoa and Coconut Cake - This is a generous sized cake filled with tangy pieces of feijoa and tropical coconut. Best shared with lots of friends.

Chocolate Feijoa Cake | Ang Sarap

Chocolate Feijoa Cake - previous Pinner > I tried feijoas in New Zealand and they smell and taste almost like bubblegum. This cake would be delicious if I could only get hold of some Feijoas!

The feijoa season is around for a good time, not a long time – so make sure you keep plenty of the fragrant fruit bagged up in the freezer to turn into delectable desserts like this one (which is also a little lighter on the waistline). Props and styling Sarah Bowman. Photograph by Stephen Goodenough.

Feijoa sponge pudding recipe - By FOOD TO LOVE, The feijoa season is around for…

Feijoa, Coconut and Ginger Cake

I’ve reworked an old favourite to make it gluten-free and also tweaked the ingredients a bit – now it’s even more fabulous. With lots of fruit, a crown of lemon icing and toasted coconut, it’s a big treat to share with friends.

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