Head & Haft - "The shape and style of the boards is usually...

headandhaft: “ “The shape and style of the boards is usually dictated my the piece of wood, highlighting its best features.Everything is hand shaped, and is all fallen, salvaged or off cut timber!


Bring a little bit of majesty to your staying house with inspirational woodworking concepts and also projects shelf made by handymans around the world.

Personalised 'We Go Together Like...' Love Heart Chopping Board

A perfect gift for a new home or wannabe chef! 'We Go Together Like.' wooden love heart chopping board with a list of favourite common couplings.

Use Salt and Lemon to Clean Wooden Chopping Boards

Thớt bẩn nhưng không mấy ai để ý làm sạch - VnExpress Gia đình

Small chopping board: Small wooden chopping board with a burnt motif in one corner, and a handle and string for practical hanging. The appearance of each board may vary. Size 15x26 cm (including handle).

Small chopping board

Small wooden cutting board with a singed motif at one corner. Practical handle and string for hanging. Appearance can vary from product to product. Size 6 x 10 in.