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Blaze Beadle
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Nascido em Los Angeles, o ilustrador James R. Eads é capaz de criar obras alucinantes, com cores fortes, céus inspirados nos trabalhos de Van Gogh e representando as conexões entre os humanos e o cósmico. Quando o animador Chris McDaniel, também conhecido como The Glitch, viu seu trabalho, soube que eles precisavam se unir. Chris entrou em ...

Illustrator James R. Eads collaborated with an animator: Chris McDaniel aka The Glitch, in order to push the concept even further. As McDaniel felt a real connection with the painter, he therefore …

Adam Miller Adam Miller is known for his contemporary figure paintings. Born in 1979 in Oregon, He began an apprenticeship to a.

Merry Pranksters!  You're either on the bus or . . .                          **** The bus came by and I got on***

The bus called "further" held Ken Kesey and His Merry Band of Pranksters, inventors of the acid test. A young band called the Warlocks would supply the music.later they would be known as the Grateful Dead. Photo Via American Hippie Wanderlust


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