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Quotes that inspire me.

Quotes that inspire me

Hello everybody! I’m back with a brand new post! How’s everyone’s week going?. I am obsessed with inspiring quotes, I have turned to quotes many times in my life to express how I&…

Curious about what's on my iPhone? Here's your chance to find out.

What lives on my phone.

I got this idea from and I am so glad that I have seen this idea for a blog post. You guys probably don’t know this but these are my favorite kind of videos to watch on YouTube, I’m alw…

My top go to eyeshadow palettes

My favourite eye shadow palettes

The urban decay naked palettes are my absolute favorite. Naked 3 in particular is one that I tend to go to a lot because of its beautiful shades of pink. I’m loving pink shades on the eyes at…

My top five favourite lip colours that I tend to turn to.
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My top 5 lip products.

If there is anything I love the most to experiment with is a lippy color, I tend to go for a brighter colour as a lighter one tends to make my face look washed out. I’m going to list below my…

March Purchases| Batiste, L.A. Colours.

March Purchases

Hello everyone! hope you’re having a lovely week. Sorry I’ve become a little slack on posting. I’ve been planning to publish this post but I wasn’t sure when would be the ri…

10 facts about me!

10 facts about me 🌸

Welcome to my blog or if you’re returning welcome back 😊 As I am new to this there are things about me that you may not know so I’m making this post so you can find out ten facts about …

Turning your anger into gentleness instead of making a situation blow out of control.

Turning to gentleness instead of anger.

Hello everyone! I hope you’re all well and your life is going swell. (Rhyme 😁) I’m sorry I haven’t posted in a while, I simply haven’t had the inspiration and I didn&…

Five practical things you could do to help cope with your anxiety.

Dealing with anxiety

Anxiety is something that is sadly becoming more and more common, everyone has it in different ways. I’m fortunate to have a very low form of it but it can show up pretty bad in certain situa…