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White dragons are small and intelligent, and live in frigid climates,usually arctic areas,but sometimes very high mountainsThey travel alone,and have very good memories.They prefer the solitude of snowy plains and caves, far away from warming rays of the sun. White dragons can have sharp, intelligent-looking eyes and intense expression.Scales resemble fur,or even feathers.Wide feet and sharp claws help them to walk atop snowbanks.An aura of coldness seems to eminate from the white dragon.

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Gryphon (No, not a gryphon... gryphons have the head of an eagle.  If this mythic creature had a name- I believe it might be "Flion")

Gryphon (No, not a gryphon. gryphons have the head of an eagle. If this mythic creature had a name- I believe it might be "Flion") Not a manticore, manticores have human faces.<<< This amazing mythical creature is a Shedu.

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tales: Japanese Kitsune, often depicted as having 9 tales. The kitsune trickster combines her sharpened wit with minor arcane powers of charm and persuasion. She uses her talents to spin convincing lies, riddles, and stories.


Seeing these animals is like looking into a dream! Horned wolves, fire tail foxes and butterfly felines seemingly brought to life thanks to the creative work of American artist, Wood-Splitter-Lee.

15 Majestic Mythical Creatures Up For Adoption     I WANT  ONE SOOOOOOOOOO BAD!!!!!!!! These are so cool, at first i thought it was photoshop, but they're really sculptures!!

It's hard to know exactly how to place Lee Cross's handmade fantasy creatures. Cross first created posable fantasy creatures as a kid growing up in Wasilla, Alaska.