New Zealand Business Website Design & Development

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  Shipping Company, Brand Guidelines, Business Website, Design Development, Make It Simple, No Response, It Works, Success, Branding

Shipping Company website design

Redesign and development of pre-existing website. conforming to new branding guidelines

  Dentist Website, Dental Group, Emergency Dentist, Portfolio Website, Cosmetic Dentistry, Orthodontics, Business Website, Design Development

Dentist Website design Auckland

A collection of a few of my website portfolio developed or worked on by me including personal projects and professional work.

  Free Tire, Business Website, Design Development, New Zealand, Innovation

Tyre & Wheel Website design

ASVP is a puncture free tire service which specialises in a new teachnolody of tire which can not be pearced with nails. I developed this website to showcase the product and promote potential buyers

  Business Website, Design Development, Auckland, Curtains, Insulated Curtains, Blinds, Draping, Drapes Curtains, Sheet Curtains

Drape and Curtain Company Website Design

Auckland Drape Company is a specialist drape company, this is a groovy designed website.

  Business Website, Design Development, Budgeting, How To Apply, Budget Organization

Taxi, Airport Service Website design.

Unfortunately for this client, the website never went live, however there was a lot of effort put into developing a back-end system for managing a tax...

  Professional Website, Business Website, Design Development, Motel

Motel Website Design NZ

This was my first professional website developed at Traff1k D1g1tal. Quite out dated but a good nonelastic website.

  Landing Page Design, Business Website, Design Development

Restaurant Landing Page Design Preview website

Sometimes we don't develop full websites but put a lot of effort into making some beautiful looking holding pages. This is an example of that.

  Business Website, Design Development, Cube

Design Company Auckland Website design

Website Designed by Cube NZ and developed by me at Traff1k D1g1tal.

  Business Website, Design Development, Auckland, Real Estate, Real Estates

Auckland Relestate Website Design & Development

Deb McCool Realestate is a luxury property specialist.

  Australian Restaurant, Sydney Restaurants, Business Website, Design Development, Restaurant Design

Sydney Restaurant design website

Dedes Group is an Australian restaurant group with a number of restaurants Across NSW

  Tooth Bridge, Dentist Website, Orthodontics, Business Website, Design Development, Dental, Teeth, Teething, Dentistry

Dentist Website Design and development NZ

Not fully developed by me, but a big part was worked on by me.

  Business Website, Design Development, Ecommerce, Wordpress, Puppies, Dogs, Puppys, Pet Dogs, Doggies

Dog Ecommerce product design, wordpress

Wordpress E-commerce website, not entirely built by me.. But have put a lot of hours into repairs and face lifts.

  One Page Website, First Page, Business Website, Design Development, Scarlet

Plain one page website design bootstrap

Escalate, is a simple 1 page website.

  Real Estate Companies, Business Website, Design Development, Image, Home, Ad Home, Homes, House

Realestate Website Design NZ

This one is a collection of a lot of websites but is being represented by 1 image. The following a separate Estate websites for real estate company Un...

  Two Bedroom Apartments, Great Lakes, Business Website, Design Development, Modern Luxury, House Rooms, Motel, New Zealand, The Unit

Motel Website Design

Another personal favourite, Great Lake Motel is a motel in Taupo. Check it out.

website for hamilton hounds NZ Hound Dog, Business Website, Design Development, Dog Days, Hamilton, Animation, Dogs, Bloodhound, Plott Hound

Hamilton Hounds Dog Day care website design NZ

A personal favourite for me, the website has a few groovy animations and some really cool imagery. Who doesn't like dogs right?