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Just a warning for kids, or anyone else that's concerned, that all of my boards may contain inappropriate language, violence, and mature content.
Briar Jane Simon
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The whole Kingsmoot scene reminded me of our 2016 election and this confirms why. Euron Greyjoy is Trump! I knew it!!

Game of thrones facts part 4 -Watch Free Latest Movies Online on

Leonard is a Hufflepuff!

The Big Bang Theory -- Leonard is me when it comes to sports


Game of Thrones Fact. With Walder Frey's murder all three orchestrators of the Red Wedding are now deceased. Their murders further replicated deaths of those killed at the Red Wedding. ASOIAF -Watch Free Latest Movies Online on

ONLY do this if the person is conscious. If not, call 911 or medical assistance.///pinned to most popular board even though it's not relevant

War vets explain shooting #BLM #blacklivesmatter << I haven't thought of this before

I can't figure out why on the streets in the United States of America, police officers go immediately to murder

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