Tussock Grass, Tufted Hair Grass, Hair Grass, Hassock Grass 'Northern Lights' Deschampsia caespitosa

PlantFiles Pictures: Tufted Hair Grass, Hair Grass, Hassock Grass, Tussock Grass 'Northern Lights' (Deschampsia cespitosa) by stevenova

carex_comans "frosted_curls" - (Longwood tussock, maurea) New Zealand native. A popular cultivar grass with pale green leaves distinctly curling at the tips. Similar use and tolerances to the other comans grasses.

Carex Frosted Curls very slender silver grey green leaves with green flower spikelets during summer.

Chionochloa rubra. native new zealand red tussock grass.

Chionochloa rubra

Native tussock grass (Dichelachne crinita)

Young Garden, Grass is Dichelachne crinita (Long Haired Plume Grass)

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