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Describe me - I think I will use this for next August as a get to know you / BTS activity

Girls Self-esteem work. What the Teacher Wants! Cute for first week of preschool about me feel good and confident booklet along with Words that Help / Words that Hurt chart for later in the year when needed.

The Best Part of Me Writing Activity. Perfect for a beginning of the year writing or opinion writing!

Writing and photography activity. Students choose the best part of them and describe what they love. Great for the beginning of the year to get to know students. Must cultivate an appropriate classroom climate first.

The Small Beginnings of Classroom Decor, Meet the Teacher gifts, and a delightful poetry journal (via )

The Crafty Teacher: First Day of School Gift (or new student) -Bubbles! Or, may use at the beginning of the year for the teachers I work with.modify to.I'm bubbling with excitement to work with you this year!

What kind of teacher do you want? 1st day activity - I could see doing this to set up classroom environment

What Kind of Teacher Do You Want? anchor chart to begin year I think this would piggy back nicely with a What Kind of Student Do I Want? anchor chart (They give me what they think I want and I add so in if needed.