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I know that when one door closes another always open.but man, these hallways are a bitch.

True! Don't you ever forget it!

(Gif) everyone needs to know this. Post on ur most popular boards. << to be honest this gif made me a little uncomfortable, haha

iOS 8 this is so depressing for me :'(

iOS 8 for iPhone 6 , now this I believe. Are you an iPhone lover? This newest piece of technology is for you!

Toilet Paper Personality Test!

I'm the top toilet paper roll one, and will even fix yours if you don't do it the right way :)

Fake Friends vs Real Friends

Awesome Quotes: Fake Friends vs Real Friends is my real friend acctualy my best friend in the whole world!

will do

idiotitis funny quotes quote lol funny quote funny quotes humor ~LMAO~ Slap and run!

More like you have turned into an alien from The Aliens-franchise. My cat once sneezed on my face and I yelled he was impolite and needed to sneeze into his paw. he looked me like that then.

Nash's snapchats are literally life

Cameron Dallas and Nash Grier this is like the vine were guys run, then shower, then workout, and then they take a selfie like they just woke up!

Magcon boys Magcon ❤ they took over a little bit of my life I watch a lot of their videos thou 🐻🐷🐵🙉🐵