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Five Easy Hairstyles For Back To School

Five Easy Hairstyles For Back To School1. Flower Braid2. Voluminous pony3. No slip bun4. Twisted halo5. Triple topsy tailHope you guys enjoyed please remember to like and follow😘 If your interested in getting free gift cards just for visiting your favorite stores then click the link below and download the Shopkick app, and by using my link you'll be rewarded with 500 bonus kicks which is enough to get and American eagle, Amazon, Target, or other gift card of your choice. 🌸🌞👑 Shopkick…

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How To Grow Your Hair Longer

How To Grow Your Hair LongerYou'll need: 2 eggs 2 tablespoons of olive oil 1 cup of water A spray bottle (optional but preferred)Crack the eggs in a bowl and mix it.Add the 2 tablespoons of olive oil.Then finally, add the cup of water and mix all together.Put in a spray bottle and spray all over hair.If you used your hands, then dump it all over your hair.Scrub it in your hair. Massage your head and definitely get it on your roots. Leave in for 15 minutes.Wash out with shampoo and a little…

Top home remedies for split ends. How to treat split ends naturally at home? Home remedies to get rid of split ends. How to treat and prevent split ends? Home remedies for dry and damaged hair and how to remove split ends? Banana Hair Mask, Banana For Hair, Hair Remedies For Growth, Home Remedies For Hair, Hair Growth, Split End Treatment, Acne Treatment, Cheveux Ternes, Natural Hair Treatments

Dry Split Ends That You Refuse To Cut Your Hair Off For?

Dry Split Ends That You Refuse To Cut Your Hair Off For?Split ends are the worst! This treatment not only prevents split ends but can improve ones already there (I know this from personal experience). Use this method once every three weeks and by the third use you will see a change!First you will need one egg1 tablespoon of honeyAnd 1 1/2 tablespoons of olive oilMixed it all together in a bowlThen run it through the ends of your hair making sure it's all covered (it's best to do this in a…

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💞How To Grow Long Hair Fast💞

💞How To Grow Long Hair Fast💞These are just some tips and tricks to growing long, gorgeous hair fast😋A while back I decided to chop off my hair. I completely regret it. I've been trying to grow out my hair ever since. My hair is naturally straight and thick, and it grows extremely slow. I decided to look for ways to speed it up and found tons of tips. These are all tips that have actually worked for me and sped up my hair growth dramatically!Nothing works better than a fresh canvas…

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grow hair fast

grow hair fastTHINGS YOU WILL NEED 1. hair 2. clean hair 3. essential oil (I use coconut oil) 4. cap or beenie 5. showerfirst wash hair with just shampoo rinse hair and pat somewhat drynext you will need an essential oilI use coconut oilapply essential oils too roots of hair, massaging it into roots. MAKE SURE YOU MASSGE IT STIMULATES HAIR GROWTH. next you will do something called inversion method. it is simply holding your head upside down with the oils already messaged in for 7 to ten…