Classroom Treasures: Māori Resources

Classroom Treasures: Māori Resources I can take the roll using this - one of my practicum teachers did this!

Moko-Tiki - Lester Hall Art

Check out Moko Tiki Print by Lester Hall at New Zealand Fine Prints

Modern Art - Picasso inspired Tiki by Lester Hall

Loving the Modern Art look for the "Tiki". Thank You Lester Hall. Modern Art - Picasso inspired Tiki by Lester Hall

Image result for kokako silhoette

Are tui birds my new favorite bird just because I love waking up to their bird call? Yes, yes they are (I do also truly love takahe and the way they look like dinosaur chickens)

thetereomāoriclassroom: freebies

These call outs are various formulaic chunks of te reo Māori language. Formulaic chunks are bits of language that can be learnt without having to know the grammatical structure.They are everyday phrases used many times in the classroom.