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5 Seconds Of Summer Talking About Self Harm - YouTube<<<<<IN TEARS<<< please watch. Especially if you're going through something right now.

5 Seconds Of Summer Talking About Self Harm < as soon as Calum started talking i teared up. at Michael's part I started crying. I just lost it. It gets better.>>>>>>this video is amazing.

scary lost depressed depression suicidal lonely quotes sleep anxiety alone self harm dead awake empty poem darkness realize Phrases careless black&white

sinking in at because you lost the ability to sleep and you can't even cry because you don't care.or care too much and feel numb

But dont stop at the deadline and wear shortsleeves.....let the people know

The Lines Project is a series of a few days when people around the world draw lines on their wrists to help bring awareness of the problems of self-harm and depression.

Too true...I wish some people actually tried to stop this from happening when they saw these things...

it was just the cat just an excuse just another lie what's with all the bracelets. just fashion why? just a tear just a scream why were you crying? just a bad dream but it's not just a cat or a tear or a lie