New Zealand "sayings"!

New Zealand "sayings"! Some are common, others maybe not so, but fun for many. See my pin about Fred Dagg.

Four Square Man

Four Square Man for Sale - New Zealand Art Prints. Original concept and drawing attributed to Dick Frizell. (Father of Otis, another great artist)

Footrot Flats with Wal and Dog

Footrot Flats with Wal and Dog - the author of this used to live around the corner from my parents

Kiwiana Food

:) If I ate all the food I have been pinning of late I wouldn't be able to move from my computer ;

Footrot Flats - Kiwiana to a T

Is Murray Ball's much loved comic strip. Wal Footrot, owner of Footrot Flats farm is a good Kiwi bloke who is doing his best to run the place.

Four Square Man Poster

New Zealand Mr 4 Square Original Warhol Style Design Tea Towel

New Zealand flag shower curtain

Items similar to New Zealand flag shower curtain bathroom decor fabric kids bath window curtains panels bathmat valance on Etsy