Ans Westra

Meeting House, Lake Rotorua, From the portfolio: PhotoForum - Ans Westra, by Ans Westra. Purchased 1985 with New Zealand Lottery Board funds.

Children chanting. Ans Westra

Upstairs is the {Suite} museum for Ans Westra.

OUTPOST: Ans Westra's New Zealanders  Murupara

Ans Westra has spent a lifetime recording New Zealanders and she has produced some remarkable images of how we look.

OUTPOST: Ans Westra's New Zealanders  Hikurangi

Holloway Road, Wellington - I used to live about three houses to the left of the house with the verandah in this old photo

Ans Westra - 1963 (I have this one)

Students performing, Whatatutu primary school, near Wairoa, New Zealand, Ans Westra.

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