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Do-it-yourself woodworking (and other) projects that tend towards the iconic
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How to build a K2 red telephone box

My dream of dreams is to live in an older house with a spot where I can put this inside, with a comfy chair, proper landline phone (maybe even a rotary phone). Somewhere to curl up and chat. Nobody chats for ages on the phone!

Making a red telephone box crown

How to make a red British telephone booth, telephone box crown pattern

TARDIS and roof lamp

A TARDIS can make an awesome tool shed among many other things

The housing for the light on top of the TARDIS

The housing for the light on top of the TARDIS

How to make the light in a K2 red telephone box

My telephone box project - The light

Adding the police call box sign to the TARDIS

How to build a TARDIS police box page 32 The police call box sign

K2 red telephone box plans

My telephone box project - page 3 the size

TARDIS plans

TARDIS plans

Red English telephone box in the making

Red telephone box made by Andrea Arzensek