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For couples who are not into formal, modern affairs, country rustic wedding theme will be a great choice, which offers an opportunity to inject the newlywed’s personality into the country themed ceremony and reception.

Harris Sisters GirlTalk: Free Thanksgiving Printables - thankful for sweet friends like you bread label for hostess gift

Every year, on the first Friday of June, something sweet happens. It& National Donut Day.) Read on to find out how you can get your fix. After all, it& Friday. Eat a donut!

These 12 Thanksgiving games are not only funny, they’re perfect for any age - for kids, for teens, for adults, for family, and even for toddlers! Played in minute to win it style, you can DIY these quickly then play inside or outdoor. So skip the scavenger hunt and other activities and try these Thanksgiving party games this Thanksgiving instead. I know I will be!