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put a word/message in tape on the canvas then let your child finger paint over it. Finally, remove tape and voila! done! Tape Painting, Finger Painting, Valentine Crafts, Valentines, Crafts To Do, Crafts For Kids, Baby Crafts, Toddler Crafts, Craft Activities

Capri’s Valentine Craft

Finger Painting - Tape on Canvas, Let Them at it, Remove Tape! let the kids use brushes/paint; this would also be great for a play group craft.the parents can pick the colors they like and even the words b/c all the kids will care about is painting.

Tossing paint filled eggs at canvas- SO FUN!  Making the eggs is easy, too!  My kids loved this art project!

Paint Filled Eggs

Tossing paint filled eggs at canvas- tape a cross in the middle! Good easter idea

Today my sister came over, and we whipped up a painting to hang in her new apartment. Believe it or not it only took us a few hours to complete. You can easily make your own with a canvas, a paint brush, 1/2″ masking tape, and three colors + white acrylic paint. Just tape up your canvas every which way, paint a gradient of each color in the taped segments, remove the tape, and enjoy! Copper Wall Art, Metal Tree Wall Art

DIY: Easy-Peasy Artwork

DIY easy artwork. Canvas, half inch masking tape, three colors, and white acrylic paint. Tape up the canvas any which way, paint a gradient with a color in each segment, remove tape, and voila.

#Baby #DIY Une petite expérience sensorielle pour bébé amusante et simple à réaliser. Huile, colorant, eau et quelques paillettes pour un rendu encore plus fun. ! Baby Oil Sensory Bags Sensory Bags, Sensory Bottles, Sensory Table, Sensory Rooms, Baby Play, Toddler Play, Baby Sensory Play, Infant Play, Sensory Play For Toddlers

I love the idea of this! Play Create Explore: Baby Oil Sensory Bags = baby oil, food colouring, a little bit of water, glitter, objects to find (smooth). Put in ziplock bag and duct tape for leaks and little fingers who would like to open it.

31 Things You Can Make With A Cardboard Box That Will Blow Your Kids' Minds

31 Things You Can Make With A Cardboard Box That Will Blow Your Kids' Minds

Tape off a canvas and let your kids paint away then gently remove the tape, seal it and you have awesome artwork to cherish forever! Babysitting Activities, Toddler Activities, Toddler Crafts, Activities For Kids, Crafts For Kids, Fun Crafts, Senior Activities, Simple Crafts, Elderly Activities

Crafting ideas for kids. Put tap on some some painting canvas going in different directions. Then let your kids paint away! Remove tape when the paint is dry and you have their art work!