Food on Friday: Eggs

This board will be added to as party of Food on Friday: November 17. To link in just head over to Carole's Chatter any time after 7am on 10 November (NZ time). Cheers
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Curb Carb Cravings with these 2-ingredient Banana Egg Pancakes

Banana Egg Pancakes: Gluten-Free, Paleo

Curb carb cravings with these Banana Egg Pancakes. Delicious and filling and totally okay for gluten-free and Paleo diets and lifestyles.

A quick and easy Green Chile Cheese Breakfast Bake with the toast baked in. A great use for stale bread or cornbread.

Jo and Sue: Loco Moco

Not too long ago Sue was telling me about this delicious Hawaiian dish called Loco Moco.

Easy Breakfast Tacos Recipe with Potatoes and Scrambled Eggs.

These easy breakfast tacos are simple, fresh and a great way to enjoy Mexican for breakfast.

Scroll down to see more breakfast casseroles and egg recipes. Ingredients: 6 slices bacon, cut in pieces cup chopped green bell pepper 2 tablespoons finely chopped onion 6 cups cubed cooked potatoes cup shredded sharp cheddar cheese 6 eggs,

Carole's Chatter: Rustic Egg Salad w Japanese Flavours

Carole's Chatter: Rustic Egg Salad w Japanese Flavours

Kale & Feta Breakfast Casserole - finding time for cooking

This easy, healthy Tex-Mex breakfast casserole recipe should be the star of your next brunch.

This is a very simple egg dish where hard boiled eggs are shallow fried to brown and splashed with sauce.

This is a lovely omelet with a twist and very versatile. You can substitute the shrimps with pork, beef, crabmeat [fresh or canned].