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Picture of Choose your caterpillar and bracelet colors

Rainbow Loom Caterpillar Bracelets: 7 Steps (with Pictures)

Rainbow Loom®

This is some Rainbow loom creations. Rainbow Loom is a fun product that my daughter and her friends love! It is for making rubber band bracelets!

Make Rainbow Loom Jewelry Without The Loom - simple for beginners. By for #KidsActivitiesBlog

Very detailed photo tutorial on how to make simple rainbow loom bracelets, necklaces and rings without a loom. Easiest method created by kids for kids.

How to Make a Rainbow Loom Rattlefish

Shanya would love this!** How to Make a Rainbow Loom Rattlefish Made one on the Rainbow Loom, not the monster tail.

Rainbow Loom Bracelet - Super Stripe Fishtail better than sailors pinstripe

Rainbow Loom bracelet sailors pinstripe i have 4 of these but they r easy to make and fun to make and only take 'bout mins ENJOY UR PINSTRIPE GUYS!