Common Maori Classroom Phrases Charts | Maori Posters

23 common commands and 6 common questions are listed on this fantastic chart in both Te Reo and English. Ideal for introducing everyday Maori language into classrooms

Bream Bay Kindergarten: Opening and closing Karakia

The Treaty of Waitangi is an inherent part of our practice where Tikanga and te reo are woven into the fabric of our are our kara.

Te reo Māori resource- Growth Mindset... I can!

The question I hear most often is "How can I incorporate more te reo into my classroom when I'm still learning myself?" It is a questi.

Matariki – Māori New Year 2016

Matariki – Māori New Year 2016

Matariki is a Māori word that can be translated as eyes of God. It is also the name for the Māori New Year celebration and the Māori…