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Word walls in the high school science classroom

Word walls in the high school science classroom. Students create vocab cards that are placed on a white board, so you can add information throughout the lesson.

Kate's Science Classroom Cafe: Saturday Snapshot: Burning Questions Bulletin Board

Name Tags Yes, you need them and no they aren't "so elementary school." I have around 130 kids to get to know so I create bookmarks.

More adorable polka dots from @emilythirdandgoal on her @iamkidpresident quote #bulletinboard. Do you use Kid President in your classroom?

An motivational and sweet bulletin board idea- "Be somebody who makes everybody feel like somebody!" Plus a great idea for a Bravo Board! A great visual to motivate kids as we go back to school this fall!

The main thing I want to teach is Science so if I land that, I will definitely have something like this!

Science Mindset Bulletin Board I heard a "ting" during my most challenging class today and was reminded that I had yet to check my inbox. So, after the students scurried out the door, I sat down to c