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This cat who’s going nowhere fast. | 37 Animals Who Failed So Spectacularly They Almost Won

Slides are confounding things. No matter how fast these kitties try to run or how quickly their little paws pitter-patter away, they just can't get up any higher on this silly slide! Who needs a treadmill when you have kittens on a slide?


psychedelicinsects: “ Metallic Green Weevil Eurhinus magnificus Gyllenha This weevil is found in Florida, probably imported through plant trade. It feeds on host plants and are often metallic and vibrant, making them look like small psychedelic.

Skinny bat that I would like!

Gremlin bat dropped by mum in flight nursed back to health ~ One-week-old Cruella may look a bit scary but in reality she is highly vulnerable. The baby brown long-eared bat in the care of Secret World Wildlife Rescue.

Nolid Moth Caterpillars - The abdomen is green, round and overlaps the head. The caterpillar wants the birds to think it's an unripe berry and not lunch.

Nolid Moth Caterpillars (Nolidae) This species of caterpillar grows an enlarged, green coloured section of abdomen which overlaps its actual head. It is thought this acts as a deterrent to birds by resembling unripe berries

June 5, 2007—Sporting a flashy pattern of lavender on black, this newfound species of toad is among two-dozen

atelopus frog is known by many names such as the clown frog or the Costa Rican Variable Harlequin Toad. Whatever you call the frog, it is a neo-tropical toad that was once quite wide spread living throughout Costa Rica and Panama