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Whether you want to learn something, to laugh or to just feel seen, there’s a parenting podcast for you. Here, we round up the best free parenting podcasts for moms, dads, single parents, gay parents — or anyone helping to raise kids — to add to your rotation. #parenting #podcasts Parenting Issues, Single Parenting, Parenting Advice, Bounce House Birthday, Strong Feelings, Old Shows, Parent Resources, Stress And Anxiety, Love Book

10 Parenting Podcasts To Help You Laugh, Learn And Feel Seen

In a life absolutely overflowing with responsibilities, listening to a podcast can feel like an escape — a few moments of enlightenment through passive listening. Podcast time is even better if you can fit it in during a walk outdoors or a bubble bath for the ultimate self-care indulgence (as indulgences ...

“Children must be taught how to think, not what to think.” ― Margaret Mead. The very best teachers strive to teach kids how to figure out the answers, not just how to memorize them. #backtoschool #quotes #education I Love School, Make School, First Day Of School, Back To School Quotes, Margaret Mead, Inspirational Quotes About Love, Pep Talks, Parent Resources, Inspiration For Kids

18 Back To School Quotes To Inspire Kids On Their First Day

The start of the school year can conjure up a lot of emotions — so, sometimes a mini pep-talk is a must. Whether your kids are heading back to school or you’re a teacher starting a fresh school year, here are 18 back-to-school quotes that will brighten your day and ...

Raising children can feel like a roller coaster of emotions from day to day. But you’ll get through it all by showing up. #parenting #parentingmemes #parenthood #quotes Parenting Memes, Parenting Advice, Single Mom Meme, Kids Come First, Parents Images, Parenthood Quotes, Have Good Day, Parent Resources, Raising Kids

18 Single Mom Memes For Inspiration And Laughs

If you’re flying solo as a mom, you’re in good company. According to the U.S. Census Bureau, the second most common family arrangement for children in the U.S., after living with two parents, is living with a single mother. And 8.5 million households are headed up by a single mom. ...

We spoke to other reluctant co-sleeping parents about their biggest concerns, and how bed-sharing ultimately turned out for them and their family. Alongside all those concerns, we've also pulled in expert and study-based facts and information so you, too, can make the best choice for your family when it comes to co-sleeping, or not co-sleeping. Madison Young, Fear 1, Sleep Forever, Other Mothers, Cute Stuffed Animals, Attachment Parenting, Parent Resources, 9 Year Olds, Our Baby

5 Co-Sleeping Fears And Facts

Prior to parenthood, you have it all figured out: Folded onesies neatly line a drawer. A toy chest awaits filled with adorable stuffed animals. And, of course, you have the centerpiece of every newborn baby’s nursery: the crib. Then, baby arrives and all those best-laid plans fly straight out the window. The ...

As a parent of an LGBTQ+ child who is coming out, you don’t need to formulate the “perfect” response. You simply need to respond to your child’s announcement with unconditional love and a willingness to learn, which will benefit everyone. Consider these tried-and-true tips from experts and parents on how to support your child through the coming out process. #lgbtq #parenting #comingout Bright Horizons, Human Rights Campaign, Difficult Conversations, Parent Resources, Feeling Alone, Unconditional Love, Parenting Advice, Coming Out, Counseling

How To Support Your Lgbtq+ Child As They Come Out

Society has come a long way, with more LGBTQIA resources and support systems available than ever. But it’s still painfully common to hear of parents who don’t support their LGBTQ+ child and even sever relationships after their coming out. As a parent, you don’t need to formulate the “perfect” response. ...

Wondering where your 2-year-old’s separation anxiety is coming from and when it’s going to end? Here, experts offer insight and tips on toddler separation anxiety. #toddlers #childcare #parenting Seperation Anxiety, Social Behavior, How Do I Get, Parent Resources, 2 Year Olds, Parenting Advice, Vocabulary, Insight

Separation Anxiety In 2-Year-Olds: How To Help Soothe Your Toddler

It’s a familiar scenario for many parents. You’re walking hand-in-hand with your 2-year-old up to day care, and suddenly, they start protesting, or worse, having a full-blown tantrum. Or you sign them up for a new activity, and as soon as it’s time for you to take your seat off ...

As millions take to the streets to protest police brutality against black Americans and demand racial justice, white parents raising white children want to know how they can encourage the next generation to do better. Here, expert- and parent-approved tips for teaching your child to be anti-racist, based on their age. #blacklivesmatter #equalityforall #parenting Teaching Empathy, Teaching Kids, Whitman College, Global Awareness, How To Teach Kids, Anti Racism, Parent Resources, Raising Kids, Parenting Advice

Age-By-Age Tips For Raising Kids To Be Anti-Racist

In the wake of millions of people taking to the streets to protest police brutality against Black Americans — the most recent example of which involved the killing of George Floyd — and demand racial justice, white parents raising white children want to know how they can encourage the next ...

Seasonal Allergies In Babies And Toddlers: What Are The Symptoms And Treatment? Kids Allergies, Seasonal Allergies, Allergic Rhinitis, Caring Company, Job Posting, Parent Resources, Find Pets, Medical Advice, Kids Health

Seasonal Allergies In Babies And Toddlers: What Are The Symptoms And Treatment?

If spring or fall is in the air and your little one is suddenly sneezing up a storm or rubbing their eyes nonstop, there’s a good chance they have seasonal allergies. Allergic rhinitis (the technical term for seasonal allergies) occurs when pollen from plants is released into the air, and, ...

The Tween Years (Ages Here’s What Parents Can Expect Teenage Age, Tween Ages, Baby Fat, Parent Resources, Parenting Advice, Suddenly, Acting, Parents, Children

The Tween Years (Ages 9-12): Here’s What Parents Can Expect

Got a child who still seems little to you but is suddenly acting like a mini teenager? You’re probably in the throes of parenting the "between" years. This age group, which usually describes kids ages 9 to 12, is better known as the tweens. From shyness to independence, from ...

Sharenting: What Are The Dangers Of Posting Our Kids’ Photos And Lives Online? Baby Online, Kids Online, Newborn Photos, Baby Photos, What If Questions, Human Connection, Family Planning, Social Media Pages, Parent Resources

Sharenting: What Are The Dangers Of Posting Our Kids’ Photos And Lives Online?

Even before your child gets a phone of their own, there’s a good chance they already have an online presence, thanks to the adorable baby photos you posted to Facebook or the cheeky toddler snaps you shared on Instagram. “When parents inadvertently or intentionally create a digital dossier for ...

There are a few ways to make daylight saving time and changing sleep schedules a little easier on the whole family. Here are the most seamless ways to prepare kids for DST. Clock Spring, Saving Time, Sleep Schedule, Daylight Savings Time, Fall Back, Parent Resources, Kids Sleep, Parenting Advice, Bedtime

5 Daylight Saving Time Tips For Parents

Two times a year, clocks spring forward or fall back for daylight saving time (DST), and the time change threatens to wreak havoc on kid sleep schedules and parent sanity. In fact, researchers say a one-hour shift in sleep disrupts sleep cycles for about a week, sometimes longer. For many families, this ...

Discussing Coronavirus With Kids: Expert-Approved Tips For Every Age Ask The Storybots, Family Nurse Practitioner, Texas State University, American Academy Of Pediatrics, Things Under A Microscope, Positive Reinforcement, Parent Resources, Kids Health, Stress And Anxiety

Discussing Coronavirus With Kids: Expert-Approved Tips For Every Age

Whether your child is afraid of getting their flu shot or has been coming down with one bug after the next, contending with cold and flu season as a parent is always a challenge. Now, families’ concerns are elevated, thanks to the spread of coronavirus — also referred to as ...

Strict Parents: 18 Signs You Need To Loosen Up Parenting Styles, Parenting Advice, Strict Parents, Parent Resources, 5 Year Olds, Our Baby, Trivia, Your Child, Need To Know

Strict Parents: 18 Signs You Need To Loosen Up

Making your 5-year-old put away their shoes is fine. Making them keep the shoes lined up in the closet at all times? You might be too strict. You want to be firm with your child, but you don't want to be unreasonable either, which is what strict parents often are. ...

Coronavirus: What Families And Caregivers Need To Know Family Nurse Practitioner, Texas State University, Emergency Department, The Day Will Come, Flu Season, Parent Resources, Kids Health, What You Can Do, Caregiver

Coronavirus: What Families And Caregivers Need To Know

We’re currently facing a novel coronavirus pandemic that’s continuing to rapidly spread across the U.S. and the world. As of Monday, September 21, the World Health Organization (WHO) clocked the total number of cases in the U.S. at 6,703,698, including 198,094 deaths. Confirmed cases worldwide have reached over 30 million. The ...

While the thought of mold growing inside your little one’s cup or bath toys is, well, gross, try not to get too down on yourself, because it sneaks up on good parents everywhere. Is this common fungus dangerous to your little one? Here’s what the experts have to say about mold in your child’s toys and sippy cups. #blackmold #childsafety Sippy Cups, Take Apart, Parent Resources, Bath Toys, Child Safety, Parenting Advice, Your Child, Kids Toys, Parents

Mold In Kids’ Sippy Cups And Toys: How Dangerous Is It And What Can You Do About It?

It can happen to the most meticulous of parents. You take apart your child’s sippy cup to wash it or squeeze the excess bathwater from their rubber duckie — and staring back at you is that undeniable black gunk: mold. While the thought of mold growing inside your little one’s cup ...

How do you explain the concept of germs for kids to understand? According to health experts, giving kids explanations or even educational activities behind basic hygiene practices can go a long way. Germs For Kids, Parent Resources, 4 Year Olds, Kids Health, Educational Activities, Health And Safety, Parenting Advice, Teaching Kids, How To Stay Healthy

Teaching Kids About Germs: How To Make It Fun And Make It Stick

"But my hands are clean," many 4-year-olds will insist after they sneeze right into them. "Look at them — I don't see any germs on them." How do you explain the concept of germs for kids to understand? Should you just focus on the actions behind hygiene — washing your hands, catching ...