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Tūrongo and Māhinaarangi carving | "This Ngāti Maniapoto carving on Maniaroa marae, Mōkau, represents the intertwined bodies of Tūrongo and Māhinaarangi. Their union is symbolic of the close alliance between the Tainui confederation of tribes in Waikato and the people of the East Coast of the North Island." | Teara Govt NZ

Tūrongo and Māhinaarangi carving

150+ Art Careers - the ultimate list

Photography Jobs Online - 150 Art Careers - the ultimate list! (Article highlights people who have fun, modern, lucrative art, design and photography careers) - perfect inspiration for high school Art students :) - Photography Jobs Online

brainstorming!  art-A2-painting-board-NCEA-Level-3  http://www.amiria.co.nz

NCEA painting board scholarship - This is an example of a tried and true portraiture theme being approached in a highly original and innovative way, exploring the interaction between artist and viewer.

Map from 1875 with handcut images from 1940s   "Cloudy with a Chance of Spring Cleaning"    by Apfelstrudel

This is an original, signed, one-of-a-kind recycled art. The broken eastern hemisphere map is from 1875 and the hand-cut images are from the All four sides of the wooden board are covered with a broken, slightly smudged 1884 map.