....no te encantaría, que te bañara, te secara, te leyera un cuento y te diera una copa de vino, después te hiciera una cena y finalmente te arrullarme y velará tu sueño, a eso le llamo amarte...........yo

of a couple lusts husband is exactly like this - Reading.i want him (future guy) do this for me.


These beautiful quotes about books and reading will bring out the inner bookworm in you!

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Seance couple lifestyle How do you feel about reading out loud? Because I, personally, LOVE being read to! Read to me while we cuddle and you scratch my back and I'll be the happiest person on the planet. A good back scratch goes a long way just fyi.

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Bta toh do habu kaisa hai 😞 Kal se tension ho rh hai bta doo please payi ni huyi hai kal se btao wo kaisa hai ?

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This is one of the single greatest feelings ever. Reading to your lover in bed. Also being read to by your lover in bed is awesome too.