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T-shirts featuring cartoons published at Cartoon Movement. Every week a new design. All t-shirts are available in our webshop.

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Cartoon Movement Webshop

Cartoon Movement Webshop | The Cartoon Movement webshop. editorial cartoons made by top cartoonists from all over the world printed on the T-shirt of your choice. For more information on who we are and what we do please go to

Our latest shirt design: ‘Palestine’ by Ares:

Cartoon: Heavy Regulations Laws for Communication Media Keys Art, Freedom Of Speech, A Cartoon, Political Cartoons, Scooby Doo, Communication, Disney Characters, Fictional Characters, Shirt Designs

Our most recent shirt design (based on a cartoon by Venezuelan artist Lucas Garcia):

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We have a new shirt design in our webshop for fans of the Tour de France. Design by Jean-François Rochez.

  New Shirt Design, Shirt Designs, News Design, Peace, Oil, Cartoon, Mens Tops, T Shirt, Fashion

#Peace and #oil: a difficult combination. New shirt design in our webshop based on a cartoon by Payam Boromand:

Wound up and ready to strike – Alfredo Martirena Hernández Newspaper Cartoons, A Cartoon, Political Cartoons, Caricature, Editorial Cartooning, Shirt Designs, Death, This Or That Questions, Comics

New design in our t-shirt webshop, based on a cartoon by Cuban artist Martirena:

 Why are we hurting our planet? Why don't we learn and try. Why are we hurting our planet? Why don’t we learn and try to restore our w - Save Our Earth, Save The Planet, Our Planet, Planet Earth, Salve A Terra, Environmental Art, Faith In Humanity, Political Cartoons, Global Warming

One of our more popular cartoons of last year is now also available on a t-shirt. Cartoon by Cuban cartoonist Osvaldo Gomez:

Drones…peacekeepers of the century? Today's cartoon by CeciGian. Drone Model, Today Cartoon, Political Cartoons, 21st Century, Shirt Designs, Politics, Comics, Drones, Comic Book

Yesterday's cartoon by CeciGian is also available on a t-shirt:

  Cuban, News Design, Shirt Designs, Batman, Peace, War, Cartoon, Superhero, Artist

We have a new design in our t-shirt webshop: 'War & Peace' by Cuban artist Alex Falco

  New Shirt Design, Shirt Designs, News Design, Mexican, Cartoon, Mens Tops, T Shirt, Tee Shirt, Comic

We have a new shirt design in our webshop, by Mexican cartoonist Guffo:

We have a new shirt design available: 'Children of War' by Cuban artist Ares

  Graphic Shirts, Shirt Designs, Tapestry, Cartoon, Home Decor, Tapestries, Decoration Home, Comic, Interior Design

The world is still a violent place. Graphic shirt design by Italian cartoonist Enrico Bertuccioli:

  New Shirt Design, Shirt Designs, Gender Inequality, News Design, Cartoon, T Shirt, Tops, Fashion, Moda

We have a new shirt design available in our webshop, based on a cartoon about gender inequality by Rodrigo de Matos:

  News Design, Dutch, Shirt Designs, Cartoon, Drawings, Mens Tops, T Shirt, Fashion, Sketches

This week's cartoon for #DrawingCitizenship (by Dutch cartoonist Maarten Wolterink) is also available as a t-shirt design:

Last week's cartoon on workers' right (by Enrico Bertuccioli) is now also available as a shirt design: