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mitochondria 5

mitochondria 5 You increase mitochondria with endurance, strength training, and low volume HIIT Essentially an explanation on how exercise and balanced diet create weight loss and anti aging :)

Marks Daily Apple...Mitochondria Increase through exercise

A couple weeks ago, I wrote about how becoming an efficient fat-burner helps mitochondrial function, and last week I went over some of the nutrients and su

You HAVE to See What Jenna Lyons Wore to Solange's Wedding via @WhoWhatWear

Jenna Lyons in a white button-up, full-length feather skirt, fur jacket, leopard-print clutch, and gold jewelry at Solange Knowles' wedding.

French vintage

The bay window—a focal point in this Northern California living room—seemed to call for furniture arranged according to classical ideas of symmetry. But designer Myra Hoefer breaks up the pairs with different Brancusi-esque side tables via House Beautiful