A Day In The Life Of A Social Media Marketer [INFOGRAPHIC]

I know this girl. Marketing Tools: 29 Powerful Tools for a Social Media Marketer. A Productive Day in the Life of a Social Media Marketer

New mortgage loan products offer a more complex selection of terms. Lenders now offer mortgages that are blends of short-term ARMs and 30-year fixed-rate loans with a lower fixed-rate of interest for a period of five, seven or ten years. Be sure that you understand what happens at the end of the initial term before you sign on the dotted line for...

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Put First Things First. Focus on long-term goals instead of things that are more urgent and less important and prioritize the work related to your long-term goals. This means that you have to end the madness of putting out fires every day and shift the focus to what matters.

Synergy makes magic happen. Work in collaboration with others to gain different perspectives and access talents and knowledge you don't have.

How to Feel More Energetic at Work and Increase Productivity?ref=pinp nn We all have those days at work where energy seems to be nonexistent. You end up feeling sluggish and exhausted all day long, which also puts a damper on your productivity. I don’t know about you, but for me there’s not enough caffeine in the world to help me on those days. As the...

Looking for ways to feel more energetic at work? These productivity boosting tips will have you thinking more positively and turn you into an office hero!

Leadership is the conglomerate of many other actions and ideas. One cannot simply lead; they must be a part of a team that has motivation and strives for success. Leading takes hard work, and even more work must be done to achieve the end goal.

Do leaders dream? Is the ability to dream and have vision a criteria for leadership? Read how you can develop your ability to lead.

Often you get to the end of the day and think, “I was busy all day, but what did I accomplish?”

Paying Your Dues: Professional Must or Workplace Dinosaur?

8 Things Productive People Do During the Workday Forget about your job title or profession – everyone is looking for ways to be more productive at work. It’s time to set down your gallon-sized container of coffee, toss out your three-page to-do list, and put an end to those ridiculously long emails you’ve been sending.

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Final output of an activity, arrangement, or process.

Articles, materials, and supplies delivered (or are to be delivered) under a contract.