I wanna help them. ):

Web-based comedy group are crossing over to music as The Janoskians (Just Another Name Of Silly Kids In Another Nation Skip) release Set This World On Fire.

Love them. (:

Especially Luke. Janoskians photoshoot for Girlfriend magazine

too cute. (:

"I took my daughter to see the Janoskians." A mother wonders why The Janoskians are seen as acceptable entertainers for young adults.

hehehehe. (:

hehehehe. (:

oh well. (:

If you don't know who the Janoskians are then you live under a rock! I love the Janoskians

on a couch!

Lol ik this is the marcus butler page bur u gotta luv them to ! THE JANOSKIANS !

so adorable

Janoskians [Left to Right] Luke, Daniel(Skip), James, Jai & Beau